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Kairos Technology at the International Workshop on Functional Modelling

07/10/19 12:59

This week a team from Kairos Technology attended the Fourth International Workshop on Functional Modelling (IWFM) at DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark. Claus Myllerup, CTO, demonstrated a customer case story with potential of reducing annual production loss by 0.5% for the studied process unit (plant-wide potential was estimated to 2.5%) and presented learning points from MFM based Hazop of a complete gas terminal. Sharat Kumar Pathi presented Functional Modelling of Offshore Oil & Gas Water Injection System along with Morten Lind and Jing Wu. Our Managing Director, Bjarne André Asheim, is in the Advisory Committee for IWFM.

Claus Myllerup - Kairos Technology

Claus Myllerup presenting at IWFM

Functional Modelling is the basis for Kairos - Control Room Assistant. It is used to detect abnormal situations, to perform cause, consequence propagation in real time and devise counteractions before the situation evolves.

Ida Eldor
Written by Ida Eldor

Ida is a Marketing and Sales Consultant in Eldor. Her previous experience is mainly from administration, sales and customer service. She holds an MSc. in International Fashion Marketing from Heriot Watt University.

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